What do people do on Thanksgiving Day?

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Because it’s the 28th of November? No! because it’s the fourth Thursday in November. The date changes every year.
What do Americans do on Thanksgiving day?

Watch the Macy’s parade. On TV. If you are or have kids. This traditional parade on Thanksgiving Day, in New York, is sponsored by the big department store Macy’s. Huge inflated balloons. Described as “an unbelievable experience”.

Cook. A lot. Not only turkey, but pie, cake, vegetables, sweet potatoes and a very large turkey. Thanksgiving = Turkey. Also pumpkin.

For some people this is fun. For other people it is maximum stress. Newspapers and magazines will have already devoted pages on recipes and tips on how to survive in the kitchen.

Eat turkey. A lot. In the middle of the day, which is strange for us. Usually with your whole family, wherever they normally live. Planes, freeways and buses all busy carrying people from East to West and West to East. Also North and South. Many people start the meal with a prayer. Many people in the US do that every day any way. Other people don’t.

Watch football on TV.

Eat more. And drink.

Get ready for tomorrow, Black Friday.

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