The Auction


¿Te gustan nuestros vídeos para aprender inglés? Nos encantan para aprender el vocabulario en inglés, en este caso lee con atención los subtitulos.

Here’s the story, BUT DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO YET. First, a little reading:

A ming vase (jarrón Ming) from China was up for auction (para la subasta).. Bidding (la licitación) opened at half a million dollars.

The bidding is fast and every bidder (apostador) is clearly identified as each bid (apuesta) is for €100,000.

In seconds, the bids went up to a million euros. What excitement in the room! Bidding stops at €1m, and the auctioneer (el subastador) starts the countdown (la cuenta atrás). “One, two, and SOLD to the gentleman sitting here for one million euros.

Now have a look at the video. The auctioneer is elated (exuberante). The bidding is fast. This is the way to do an auction!

Don’t miss the auctioneer’s face right after the final bid…



  1. auction = subasta
  2. bidding = la licitación o el acto de apostar
  3. bidder = una persona que hace una apuesta
  4. bid = la apuesta
  5. auctioneer = el subastador
  6. countdown = la cuenta hacia atrás
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