Preparar el First Certificate in English. Grammar

Billy sabe la respuesta porque ya ha preparado el First
Billy knows the answer to the question.
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¿Quieres preparar el First Certificate in English?
Do you want to get ready for the First Certificate in English exam??

¿Sabes si estas frases son correctas?
Are these sentences correct in English?

  1. It doesn’t make sense.
  2. It doesn’t have sense.
  3. It has not sense.
  4. It makes no sense.


¿Sabes la respuesta? ¿Cómo lo dices TU?
Do you know the answer? Which one do YOU say?


Mañana te diremos la respuesta correcta.
We’ll tell you the correct answer tomorrow!!

It’s important to know a lot of English grammar to pass the exam.
Es importante saber mucha gramática inglesa para aprobar el examen del First Certificate in English.
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