Paper is dead! Or is it?

We certainly embrace new technologies for all the ways they make our lives easier.
Just think how hard it would be to go back to the days of looking for a pay phone on the corner or waiting for a reply to a letter sent a month ago! Life is fast!
But then again, there are still uses for paper. One thing does not necessarily mean we have to exclude the other. I love my e-book and my paper books, my old recipes handwritten on paper or torn out of newspapers…
And what about all those OTHER uses of paper? Newspaper for drying out your boots, all the way down to the toes. Paper towel in the kitchen for soaking up the oil from fried food. How many more can you think of?
Here’s one use, for fun!
Basic Vocabulary for today
go back to the days
This means to return to previous times
Notice GO BACK TO as a phrasal verb. An easy one!
Instructions you follow in when you cook something.
NOTE: don’t confuse recipe with prescription, a paper your doctor gives you so that you can buy medicine.
soak up
This work is similar to “absorb”.
You can sit on the beach and soak up the sun.


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