Implant a chip in your head to learn English?

Implant a chip in my head? Are you crazy or something?

cerebro con chips para aprender inglés

Wait a minute. Many of us have teeth implanted in our mouths, pumps implanted in our hearts, knees implanted in our legs… What wrong with a chip implanted in our heads?
It’s the same, right?
Or is it?
Scientists are working on projects to enablehandicapped people to move a leg or arm with the aid of a chip implanted in the brain. Other projects are aiming athelping Altzheimer victims regain areas of their brains
What about a tiny chip with artificial intelligence algorithm that would let you master a language with no effort?! What if you end up saying silly things because there is a mistake in the program? A step too far?
Personally, if I had the choice to try it out, I would! After all, if you end upspeaking nonsense, you could always have it taken out!
Meanwhile, the best way to learn a new language is by hard work and practice! Check out the English courses at

To make something or someone able to do something. The chip enables you to speak a language.
Note the grammar:
It enables YOU TO speak a language.
aim at
To have as a target or goal. They are aiming at helping Altzheimer victims.
Note the grammar:
To aim at DOING something
Very, very small. A tiny chip
end up
This phrasal verb gives us the idea that something happened as a result of something, or after a long time. He ended up marrying his high school girlfriend.
Don’t confuse this with “finish”.
You finish your work.
You end up with a broken arm after your car accident.
have it taken out
You don’t take out the chip yourself. Ouch! Too painful. You have it taken out by someone else.
We use this construction when other people do the work for us:
Have your hair cut.
Have your car cleaned.
Have a tooth taken out.


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