Common Mistakes in English. Do you speak Spanglish?

I have a job interview tomorrow!
WRONG That’s a good news!
WRONG That’s a good new!
RIGHT That’s good news!
Wow! A lot of confusion with this word, “NEWS“!!
The word “NEWS” is singular and non-countable. That means it is NEVER PLURAL and you can NEVER HAVE ONE OR TWO OR THREE!
Oh dear, what does that mean?


It means even if you are talking about one thing only, it’s still GOOD NEWS. NOT a good news and NOT a good new. Never!
You can say “some news” or “a piece of news“.
Here are some more examples with the word “news”:
  • I saw it on the news last night.
  • Have you heard the news?
  • I heard some interesting news.
  • Listen to this piece of news!
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