The Glass Ceiling


Hoy vamos a mirar el vocabulario en inglés relacionado con nuestras experiencias en el trabajo, como mujeres y hombres.

Vocabulario en inglés
Business English: the glass ceiling

Know this expression? A ceiling is the top boundary of a room, opposite the floor. If it’s glass, you can’t see through it.

So the glass ceiling refers to invisible barriers that stop women or minorities from being promoted in the workplace.
Tell us about your experiences as women, or men, in your workplace!
  • Are women limited by the glass ceiling?
  • Do you think men have a more dificult experience in jobs traditionally held by women?
  • Is the gender debate a thing of the past?
1. ceiling
The part of the room opposite the floor.
“She painted the kitchen celing white.
2. the glass ceiling
Invisible cultural restrictions that prevent women from advancing.
She was never promoted because of the glass ceiling,
3. a thing of the past
Something that doesn’t exist in the present
Are paper books a thing of the past?
4. not even close
If you are very far from something, physically or in theory
We are not even close to achieving peace in the world.
5.the gender
This expression refers to the debate about men’s and women’s roles in our society.
Will the gender conversation ever be over?
6. juggling act
If you go to the circus, you will see a clown with 6 balls he can throw and catch at the same time.
Work and home is a juggling act for many people.
7. male
A man is male. A woman is female.
Male birds are more colorful than female birds.
8. introduce
When you meet someone for the first time, perhaps someone introduces you.
Don’t confuse “introduce” with “present”. You can present someone at an event, but you introduce people so that they will know each other.
9. bad manners
If you are not polite.
He has very bad manners; he never says please or thank you.
Don’t confuse manners with education. Education refers to what you learn from books, at school.
10. a lie
If you say something intentionally not true
The politician told a lie about his finances.


In a recent article in the New York Times, some contributors expressed the conviction that we are not even close to being done with the gender conversation.

Some of the women referred to the juggling act, that women have to perform to balance work-life responsibilities. Do you think it’s only women who experience this challenge?
Other people think that the glass ceiling experienced by women in the workplace is the same glass ceiling that men experience in the home. Do you agree? Do you think people value the role of fathers, or do they suffer a glass ceiling?
One woman talks about going to a meeting with a malecolleague. She describes how the colleague did not even introduce her propertly to the client. What’s your opinión, is this sexism or just bad manners?
Is it a lie that men are more “rational” and women more “emotional”?
How important are looks for men and women to succeed in their jobs?
If you want to read the article, go to

Send us your comments! Have you eperienced the gender divide in your work experience?

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