Barbie look requires you to have something done


Today let’s have a look at some English grammar that many Spanish speakers have difficulty remembering.

Have something done” is the structure we use to say that another person does the work for us. Most people have their hair cut, or their teeth straightened, but in advertising, they take it to an extreme!
Women especially, but men too, are under more and more pressure to conform to certain standards of “beauty”. The Barbie look is pushed at us from TV shows, shampoo ads, shoe ads, reality shows, you name it!
Don’t you think it’s time we said “STOP!”?
Watch this video and see just how much the Barbie look requires you to have something done!
Here are some phrases using the grammatical structure to have something done.
She has her face made up.
She has her hair done.
She has her eyes enlarged.
She has the shape of her face changed.
She has her legs lengthened.
She has the color of her skin changed.
She has her neck stretched.
She has her hair dyed.
She has her identity obliterated!
What do you think about the Barbie look?


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