Programa del nivel B1 de Inglés del curso LinguaSuite English de Linguasuite.

Contenidos de aprendizaje por nivel de Inglés.

  • UNIT 1: Giving Advice : should (Review) Giving Advice : ought to. Problems & Alternatives
  • UNIT 2: going to v. will. Planned v. Spontaneous Decisions. Spontaneous Decisions - Further Practice
  • UNIT 3: VIDEOCLIP: You ought to pay more attention
  • UNIT 4: Crime Vocabulary. Related Words : Crime, Criminal... Second Conditional : if & would
  • UNIT 5: First Conditional (Review) First v. Second Conditionals. Impossible Conditions : If I were... Contractions : Pronunciation
  • UNIT 6: VIDEOCLIP: If she invites me
  • UNIT 7: On The Phone. Ring, call & phone. Back v. again
  • UNIT 8: Used to. Used to : Emphatic Negative
  • UNIT 9: VIDEOCLIP: Who's calling, please?
  • UNIT 10: Pick. Phrasal Verbs: Introduction
  • UNIT 11: still-yet-just-already
  • UNIT 12: VIDEOCLIP: Don't you remember?
  • UNIT 13: Phrasal Verbs: Further Practice... Phrasal Verbs: Flexible Structure. Phrasal Verbs: Types 2 and 3. Phrasal Verbs : Word Order & Pronouns
  • UNIT 14: Making Questions. What - Where - Who - Whose. Who? and What? Subject Questions v. Object Questions
  • UNIT 15: VIDEOCLIP: The bus to Hammersmith
  • UNIT 16: Describing Companies. Dates & Data. a piece of...
  • UNIT 17: A Bit Of Geography! Silent Letters etc. Abbreviations.
  • UNIT 18: VIDEOCLIP: Profits and losses
  • UNIT 19: Geographical Directions. "Home" Phrases
  • UNIT 20: Going To (Review) Will (Review) Going To v. Will (Review) Plans v. Spontaneous Decisions
  • UNIT 21: VIDEOCLIP: Four two nine double eight oh
  • UNIT 22: Talking About The Weather. Making Predictions: will & won't. Describing Consequences: So...
  • UNIT 23: Pronouncing Contractions: 'll & 'd. Predictions: will v. going to. Predictions: I think...
  • UNIT 24: VIDEOCLIP: We're going to be late
  • UNIT 25: Describing Companies (Review) Asking Questions. Questions & Prepositions
  • UNIT 26: Prohibition
  • UNIT 27: VIDEOCLIP: A very important visitor
  • UNIT 28: Obligation (Introduction) Possession. Have v have got (Review) Have to & have got to
  • UNIT 29: Obligation (Extension). Asking About Obligation. Obligation in the Past. Obligation in the Future
  • UNIT 30: VIDEOCLIP: You can't park there, darling
  • UNIT 31: Lack Of Obligation. Obligation & Prohibition - Consolidation
  • UNIT 32: Asking About Problems. Expressing Sympathy. Offering To Help (Review) Shall I...? Offering To Help (Extension)
  • UNIT 33: VIDEOCLIP: Is there anything I can do?
  • UNIT 34: Reported Statements. SAY v TELL (review). Reporting Verbs + (THAT). References
  • UNIT 35: Clothes (Review). Problems (Review). Materials & Qualities
  • UNIT 36: VIDEOCLIP: What's it made of?
  • UNIT 37: YES/NO v. WH-/HOW Questions. Reported Questions
  • UNIT 38: In The City. Giving Directions. Saying Thankyou. Making Excuses
  • UNIT 39: VIDEOCLIP: You can't miss it
  • UNIT 40: The Past Simple & Past Participles (Review). Ordinal Numbers (Review). Passive Sentences: Introduction. Active Sentences & Passive Sentences
  • UNIT 41: Passives: Newspaper Headlines. Passives: Present Perfect v. Past Simple. Sequence of Actions: Review. Passives: Processes
  • UNIT 42: VIDEOCLIP: The cutlery is stored here
  • UNIT 43: Question Tags. Intonation & Meaning
  • UNIT 44: Present Continuous (Review). Arrangements. Plans, Spontaneous Decisions & Predictions (Review). Talking About The Future (Consolidation)
  • UNIT 45: VIDEOCLIP: The guarantee doesn't cover that

PERSONALISED REVIEW: Cada tres unidades hay un repaso personalizado para que vuelvas a trabajar tus áreas de dificultad detectadas por nuestro programa inteligente.

LINGUASUITE MILESTONE: Cada seis unidades se realizan unos test de progreso enfocados a desarrollar la memoria a largo plazo.

Fin del programa nivel B1 de inglés del curso LinguaSuite English de Linguasuite.

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