Programa del nivel B2 de Inglés del curso LinguaSuite English de Linguasuite.

Contenidos de aprendizaje por nivel de Inglés.

  • UNIT 1: -ed and –ing adjectives. Present and Past Participles. Question Formation
  • UNIT 2: Writing Letters. Word Formation. Phrasal Verbs: ON
  • UNIT 3: VIDEOCLIP: Travel Talk
  • UNIT 4: Travelling: Some Phrases. Confusing Words. Present Tenses
  • UNIT 5: Jobs and Unemployment. A Letter of Application
  • UNIT 6: VIDEOCLIP: Could you tell me what you do for a living
  • UNIT 7: Word Formation: Nouns and Verbs. Sports. Comparisons
  • UNIT 8: Pronunciation Work. Family Relationships
  • UNIT 9: VIDEOCLIP: She’s kind of shortish
  • UNIT 10: Phrasal Verbs: Take. LIKE: Different Uses. False Friends: Actually
  • UNIT 11: Past Tenses. Narrative Linkers: After, Afterwards
  • UNIT 12: VIDEOCLIP: Friday Night Fever
  • UNIT 13: Phrasal Verbs: DOWN. Reporting Verbs
  • UNIT 14: Birth, Marriage, Death and Life. TOO and ENOUGH. Verbs and Adjectives + Preposition (1)
  • UNIT 15: VIDEOCLIP: The Dangers of Cold Soup
  • UNIT 16: Stress Patterns. Education. Typical Spanish Mistakes
  • UNIT 17: Gerunds and Infinitives. Suggest
  • UNIT 18: VIDEOCLIP: I used to play truant
  • UNIT 19: Entertainment. Perfect Tenses. Remember vs Remind
  • UNIT 20: Giving Advice. Suit / Fit / Go with / Match. Used to vs Would
  • UNIT 21: VIDEOCLIP: I’ve just been making a list
  • UNIT 22: Phrasal Verbs: Word Order. Health and the Body
  • UNIT 23: Expressing Probability, Ability, Certainty. Recriminating and Criticising
  • UNIT 24: VIDEOCLIP: Farming Yesterday, Farming Today
  • UNIT 25: Expressing Quantity. Food and Cooking
  • UNIT 26: Saying Numbers. Obligation, Lack of Obligation, Necessity.
  • UNIT 27: VIDEOCLIP: It might be a lamp-post
  • UNIT 28: Phrasal Verbs: PUT. The Future. Verbs and Adjectives + Prepositions (2)
  • UNIT 29: Shopping. A Letter of Complaint. Compound Nouns
  • UNIT 30: VIDEOCLIP: The price of fashion
  • UNIT 31: Relative Clauses, Negative Prefixes
  • UNIT 32: DO vs MAKE, Have / Get something Done, Need + -ing
  • UNIT 33: VIDEOCLIP: I can't stand her!
  • UNIT 34: Money, Earn-Win-Gain-Beat, Definite and Indefinite Articles
  • UNIT 35: Pronunciation: Some Homophones, The Weather, Modifiers and intensifiers
  • UNIT 36: VIDEOCLIP: You should have sorted out the faxes
  • UNIT 37: Phrasal Verbs: GET Linking Words and Phrases
  • UNIT 38: The Media, Verb Tenses: Simple and Continuous aspects
  • UNIT 39: VIDEOCLIP: A hungry customer
  • UNIT 40: Conditional Sentences and Linkers, Listening Practice
  • UNIT 41: Places, Short Replies, Emphatic DO, DOES, DID
  • UNIT 42: VIDEOCLIP: There's something wrong with this clock
  • UNIT 43: Crime, Passive Voice
  • UNIT 44: Verb Patterns: Make, Let, Allow End Prepositions and Short Questions Hypothetical meaning: WISH
  • UNIT 45: VIDEOCLIP: I wish I'd never got into this

PERSONALISED REVIEW: Cada tres unidades hay un repaso personalizado para que vuelvas a trabajar tus áreas de dificultad detectadas por nuestro programa inteligente.

LINGUASUITE MILESTONE: Cada seis unidades se realizan unos test de progreso enfocados a desarrollar la memoria a largo plazo.

Fin del programa nivel B2 de inglés del curso LinguaSuite English de Linguasuite.

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