Condicionales en inglés

Gramática inglesa para nivel intermedio de inglés (B1 / B2 Intermedio bajo y alto)

Second Conditionals

Look at these examples of Second Conditionals:

If there were more policemen, we would catch more criminals.

If we had less unemployment, the situation would be better.

  • The condition refers to the Present or Future

  • The condition is improbable / hypothetical:

If there were more policemen...

= Maybe (there will be more policemen), but it's improbable.

If we had less unemployment...

= Maybe (we will have less unemployment), but it's improbable.

  •  If the condition is true, then the result will be true / certain too:

We would catch more criminals.

= Certainly (we would catch more criminals) but ONLY IF there were more policemen.

The situation would be better.

= Certainly (the situation would be better) but ONLY IF we had less unemployment.

  • The Condition (the Secondary Clause) is in the Past Simple:

If there were more policemen... If we had  less unemployment.

  • The Result (the Main Clause) is in the Hypothetical Future (would)...

... we would catch more criminals

... the situation would be better

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