Condicionales en inglés

Nivel básico de inglés (A1 / A2 Principiante y Pre-intermedio)

Conditions: If they invite me…

  • Look at this example of a First Conditional:

IF they invite me, I'll go.

  • The Conditional verb – the Secondary Clause – refers to a Future Possibility, but we use the Present Simple:

If they invite me... If they will invite me.

  • The Result verb – the Main Clause - is in the Future:

... I'll go.

  • The condition – If they invite me… - is possible (50-50):

Maybe they will invite me. Maybe they won't (will not) invite me.

  • IF the condition is true, the result I’ll go - is certain (100%):

Certainly I will go... but ONLY IF they invite me.

If they will invite me, I’ll go.

I'll need my jersey if I will get cold.

   What will you do if they will ignore your request?

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